4 Reasons Christians are Wrong About Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage

I’d like to start this article by going on record publicly to say I support homosexuality and same sex marriage. Those who stopped reading at the end of that sentence will be missing out. For those of you who are still reading I say thank you and please continue to read with an open mind. Homosexuality and same sex marriage are two of the (if not the) most divisive issues of our modern times. When I entered my PhD program I knew that I wanted to focus my dissertation on homosexuality from a Christian perspective. What I found in my research, however, was astonishing to say the least. I’m working on publishing my research so I can’t write too much in this article, but I wanted to give a brief summary of my findings. The truth is literally trying to burst out of me and I can’t wait to have my research published for the world to see. But for now here are 4 reasons Christians are wrong about homosexuality and same sex marriage.

1. Judgmentalism

It’s been discussed ad nauseaum throughout this site. The IFB (and many other Christians) are guilty of judgmentalism in many areas. In the same vein I’d ask, What gives Christians the right and/or power to judge people for homosexuality – or anything for that matter? In fact we are told the opposite. We aren’t to judge people period! (Matthew 7:5). In all my research and studies I couldn’t find one single reason for this seeming unbalanced focus on homosexuality and same sex marriage. To ignore the rampant gossip, gluttony, greed, manipulation/control, lying, pride and materialism (just to name a few) throughout the church, and focus on/bring attention to homosexuality is nothing short of prejudice.

2. Prejudice

That’s right I said it… Prejudice!!! Have we learned nothing from history? Christians have manipulated scriptures to justify the selective discrimination against cultural minorities, women, sexual minorities and many others. I say it’s time to stop the insanity and recognize that the tendency to ascribe a hierarchy to “sin” (the Christian word for homosexuality, not mine) is prejudice and not supported by scriptures. As such, I refuse to judge someone (even label someone) because on their sexual orientation.

3. Science

As I discussed in the mental health article, the IFB (and many other Christians) have this skewed idea that certain issues are problematic for us because we “choose” to behave or act a certain way. The ludicrous idea that mental health problems (especially mood related disorders) are the result of sin and people who struggle with such things as depression, anxiety, etc. just aren’t spiritual enough or have somehow fallen out of favor with God is rampant and fundamentally flawed. Unfortunately this same logic is applied to homosexuality. There seems to be a convenient and willful ignorance among the IFB and Christianity in general related to an entire host of reasons for same sex attraction that have nothing to do with spirituality or choice. These include such things as biological influences, physiological influences, psychosocial influences, environmental influences, genetic variations, and many more. This issue is much more complex than the typical Christian realizes. I’ve learned through my research that this issue of homosexuality is not a choice or decision that people make (for the most part) and I believe it’s a sin to over-spiritualize homosexuality and neglect findings in science. Just because scientific findings aren’t found in scripture doesn’t mean that they aren’t relevant or important.

4. Scriptural manipulation

I also believe that to marginalize homosexuals because of their sexual orientation is harmful and I would even say abusive. Spiritual abuse literally has no bounds and many charismatic and/or authoritative Christian leaders have manipulated scriptures to advance an anti-homosexual and anti-gay marriage agenda on both the spiritual and political front. My research has taken me through biblical exegesis of this issue in its entirety and I have found a severe and paralyzing lack of scriptural evidence for these anti-homosexual stances (at least when proper biblical exegesis is applied). Many of the scriptures used to argue against homosexuality have been twisted and pulled out of context to fit this agenda. It’s wrong and abusive and manipulative. I can’t write much more about scriptures because I’m trying to publish my research, but suffice it to say that for every scriptural argument against homosexuality I have a scriptural counter. Those who use scripture to support their anti-homosexual agenda have severely misunderstood, misinterpreted and misapplied scriptures and I have the research to prove it. I’m sorry to leave this as a bit of a cliff hanger, but I just can’t go into details at this time.

So there you have it. 4 reasons Christians are wrong about homosexuality and same sex marriage. There’s more… lots more, but that information will come in time. Please stay tuned… and thanks for reading.

For more information on the topic of homosexuality please click here.

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  1. I know what Reginald Hobbs meant by “P.C. culture”, it stands for ‘Political Correctness’ which is really a form of communal tyranny, and is an ideological system that is the driving force behind much of the absurdity that has corrupted western society. I have done my own bible study and research to find out what the scriptures really teach about homosexuality, and have concluded that much of what I was taught on the subject in the IFB is wrong. However, it must be admitted that homosexuality, and gay marriage are two issues that need to be argued separately. Why should I, as a normal heterosexual man support gay marriage, when the majority of gays don’t even support it. There are some voices that need to be heard on the gay marriage issue, but are ignored or supressed by the main stream media, because it does not fit with the Cultural Marxist narrative, and those voices are: Gays against Gay Marriage. Here is a link to an article written by a gay man who rejects gay marriage. http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2013/03/9432/

    1. This issue, as presented on this website, is not a political one. While I appreciate your perspective, I’m not really all that interested in the political landscape related to homosexuality and same sex marriage. What concerns me the most is how the church is responding. The church has manipulated scripture and used it as a weapon to advance an anti-homosexual agenda. That is what we are speaking out against.

      1. I’ve been with you through many of your writings. I must “jump out of your boat” on this one. Where exactly did you get your Bachelor and Master degrees? Where are you getting your Doctorate from? You are making some major hermeneutical errors here. I’ll spare you the snark your getting from some as it doesn’t contribute at all to dialog.

        1. My PhD is a seminary degree (sorry, but I don’t disclose where I attended school) and I’ve studied this topic in depth. I wrote an entire dissertation on it and it was approved… by a seminary. Trust me, I didn’t set out to support this position. I actually tried hard not to, but the more I dug into scripture and the research the more my heart and mind changed. I can attribute it to only one thing… the guidance of the HS. The hermeneutics is sound. I had the wealth of biblical scholarly resources at my disposal and spent over 2 years researching, reading, studying and writing on the topic. I don’t say those things as a matter of pride, but to try and demonstrate in some form or fashion that I’ve done the work and didn’t come to this conclusion lightly.

          I welcome dialogue though. Please feel free to share your perspective.

          PS: If you’re interested, you can read my rebuttal to a post on the topic here: https://homosexualityandchristianity.com/spread-this-40-answers-for-christians-who-made-their-profile-pictures-into-a-rainbow/

  2. Interesting take on the Gay Marriage debate as to why many Christians become insanely given to attacking Gay people, when their isn’t a shred of evidence indicating that Gay Marriage has any kind of deleterious affect on opposite sex marriage.

    Some have postulated that if men are allowed to marry other men, many women with be deprived of their chance to marry because gay marriage reduces the numbers of men. Truth- A marriage between a gay man and a straight woman has a very small chance of being a happy one. At some point the woman will look elsewhere to find a deeper relationship or the man will seek to be honest with once self and leave the woman and possibly a handful of kids. We know from study after study a person’s sexuality cannot be changed. This is where the Christian whispers, “What about men in prison?” In the absence of women, some men have become involved with what’s available; other men. Once they leave prison their “homosexuality” ends. To prove a point using an single exception only proves the initial idea to be correct.

    The Bible claims that mental illness is a result of Demon possession, birth defects come from sinful parents. The anti-Gay verses in Leviticus also advise parents to stone disobedient children, a community to stone those who complain, eat shellfish, wear wool and cotton. Why do we jump on the kill “men who lie with men” yet ignore all the other superstitions?

    The great fallacy in taking single verses out of the Bible is to ignorantly ASSUME that the words are meant for everybody in our day and time. However a careful reading of the entire chapter or book illustrates that the context of that verse is simply the existing social norms of the day the words were spoken, to later be written down upon some form of media.

    1. “The great fallacy in taking single verses out of the Bible is to ignorantly ASSUME that the words are meant for everybody in our day and time.”

      That would be taking the verse out of context, which would indeed be wrong, so this is a true statement.

      “However a careful reading of the entire chapter or book illustrates that the context of that verse is simply the existing social norms of the day the words were spoken, to later be written down upon some form of media.”

      But wait, now you want to take a chapter or a book out of the context of the entire Bible? You can’t have it both ways, i.e. you can’t take the book or chapter out of context but then shun people for taking a single verse out of context. Indeed, both of them are incorrect.

      And you saying that the context of “that verse” (whichever verse you are talking about, not sure) is “simply the existing social norms of the day”. Are you serious? That is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard regarding exegesis (or lack thereof) of a Bible passage.

      So you’re telling me when God says homosexuality is an abomination and Paul says it is shameful and unnatural, that was just in the societal norms of that day and is no way prescriptive for today? So what then is sinful in the eyes of God? If we apply the same exegesis to every text in the Bible, we can pretty much do whatever we want. And this whole time I thought I was a sinner who needed a Savior, when in fact, there’s no such thing as sin. Thanks for clearing that up for me 🙂

      I hope you are sensing my sarcasm.

      1. Adam, there are different contexts within the Bible that need to be understood properly. Among them are textual context, historical context, lexical context, cultural context, linguistic context and so on. For example the Levitical passages about homosexuality are strictly cultural issues. Those texts about sexuality were ceremonial in origin for cleanliness purposes under Mosaic law. They weren’t moral law for moral purposes. Since they are under Old Covenant law they no longer apply to NT Christians. This isn’t “crazy” it’s hermeneutics 101.

        It’s impossible to “apply the same exegesis to every text in the Bible”. The very definition of exegesis forbids it. Exegesis is the critical exploration of a text. The Bible isn’t a text. The Bible is a compilation of numerous texts (plural). It’s a categorical catalogue of texts if you will. You have to pan in and look at the individual texts within the Bible for a more robust understanding of the scriptures as a whole.

        By the way, sarcasm is the attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully. I can’t stomach passive-aggressive communication. Your sarcasm reveals your true intention here. You don’t seem interested in having a discussion. I detect only motives of castigation. If you want to have a discussion I suggest that you show a little respect and humble yourself. Your condescension won’t be tolerated for long so tread carefully.

        1. Comment removed by moderator – open discussion is welcome, personal attacks are not. Please rephrase your comment in a respectful tone without personal attacks.

          1. I was sad to see a personal attack removed. That’s weak.

            By doing so, we assume the attack was correct! If it was incorrect, you could rebut it.

            Jesus Christ himself made many personal attacks. One that comes to mind is get thee behind me Satan, which comes to mind as I read most of your doctrinal positions.

            And it’s sad, because there are valid criticisms about independent baptist churches. But many of your attacks are straw man. Independent baptist churches are in fact independent. They are all different. Yes, there are some really, really bad ones, but there are also many good ones.

            One of the bad things: Landmarkism. Don’t know if you’ve written on this insanity.

            Also: closed communion. This is one of their most prominent cult-like practices and very unbiblical at that.

            So there are plenty of legitimate criticisms.

            Ironically, though, you are behaving hypocritically even as we discuss hypocrisy. You are pointing out the splinter in your brother’s eye, yet don’t notice the log in your own. And your entire website is filled with logs.

  3. Matthew 7:1-3 is one of the most misinterpreted scriptures.
    We ARE to judge. This scripture needs to be kept in context.
    God has given his Word as the standard, to know and judge between right and wrong!
    Including the fact the Bible is VERY clear on homosexuality being a sin. Genesis 19:5-8, Leviticus 18:22-23, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Romans 1:26-27, 1Timothy 1:9-10 are some examples. How can we deny it?
    I know some of the baptists have some very twisted perversions of the Bible that is not sound doctrine but tradition.
    But if we have the mind of Christ we cannot condone what His Word condemns.
    As for “judging”,
    Should we not address a rapist because of Matthew 7:1-3?

    We have to make judgements everyday,
    And we must continue to make judgements.
    I have to make a judgement call
    about how to dress, based on weather conditions; dress warmly or to keep cool. I make a judgement call in many things,
    when I am deciding which church to go to- if they don’t preach sound doctrine, my judgement determines that I shouldn’t be attending.

    A woman at all, or single mother with kids needs to keep her kids’ safety and well being, as well as her own as priority and make wise judgement on who she dates. Or marries.
    We cannot just throw around “don’t judge” out of context.

    1. @OnlyBelieve37 Thanks for your insightful comment and contribution to the discussion. Matthew 7:1-3 is talking about hypocritically criticizing people, NOT judging them in a court of law (civil duty) or making judgments (decisions) about activities of daily living. These are two completely different concepts and shouldn’t be mistakenly connected. That’s why Matthew goes on to say: “take the log out of your own eye before you try to remove the speck from someone else’s eye”. We are to worry about judging our own sin before we worry about criticizing anyone else and in fact since we are so blinded by our own sin we have no place or business trying to worry about someone else’s sin. Matthew 7:1-3 is talking about not judging someone’s sin and/or salvation (i.e., his/her righteousness and/or his/her standing before God).

      When we are charged with the civic responsibility of jury duty we are following civil law and have a responsibility to render a judgment at that time, but if a person isn’t part of that process then no, he/she should absolutely not be passing judgment on a rapist or homosexual or anyone (innocent until proved guilty). Someone on jury duty has access to case files and facts that others aren’t privy to. This is a very different situation and isn’t what Matthew is talking about.

      Whether or not homosexuality is a sin (I don’t believe it is – you claim the Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin, but I beg to differ) is not the point I’m trying to make. This is about passing judgment on what we believe is sin in someone else’s life. According to Matthew 7 we are strongly cautioned against doing that. This is the thrust of Matthew 7:1-3. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict people of sin (see John 16). If it’s a sin for you then that’s between you and God. Whether it’s a sin for someone else shouldn’t be our concern.

      1. What twisting of Scripture are you going to attempt to argue that homosexuality is not a sin? What exactly do you consider a sin?

        I’m not asking rhetorically, I’m really interested to see if you think anything is sinful aside from being IFB (which I am not so I don’t take offense to the anti-IFB stuff here)

        1. The Bible never calls homosexuality a sin. Sin is behaviors. Temptation isn’t a sin (if it were then Jesus was sinning when he was tempted by Satan). This is where more information will be about this topic: homosexualityandchristianity.com I’m currently working on reformatting my research into blog/website format. It’s taking longer than I though.

          1. Who said anything about temptation? You know full well when the world speaks of homosexuality, they are in no way talking about JUST same-sex attraction. They are also not just trying to get the Church to say, “it’s okay that we have this attraction as long as we don’t act on it”. The world, the media, society is trying to say homosexuality, the action, the lifestyle, in practice, is not sin. Nobody’s talking about temptation except you.

            No offense, but who cares about your research? The Bible is what matters, not your biased research.

            1. So we’re talking about how the world defines homosexuality now? You were asking about what the Bible says about homosexuality before. Which do you want to talk about, what the Bible says about homosexuality or how the world defines homosexuality? Please pick one and stick with it. It’ll help this go more smoothly.

              How do you know my research is biased? You know nothing about me or my research. You ASSUME that my research is biased simply because you don’t agree with what I say. You’re angry at me, but I don’t know why. Disagreement doesn’t give you the right to treat me disrespectfully. For the record I studied the Bible in my research – scriptural exegesis of the passages that deal with the topic using proper hermeneutics (rather than opinions and traditional beliefs from the church leaders), but you would have known that had you asked.

              No offense, but I don’t care that you don’t care about my research. The Bible is what matters, not your pious judgment of me (see that swings both ways). I don’t write about these things to please you or anyone else and I don’t really care about what you think of me or what I write about. I do it because it’s what God has called me to do. This is my ministry. If you don’t like it then go find someone else to harass.

  4. There is a u-tube video that answered a lot of the doctrine questions that I had that is consistent with the relationships I have had throughout my life with those who are Gay—from childhood friends to fellow co-workers. It is titled “The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality” by Matthew Vine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezQjNJUSraY

  5. Well on this point you sound like another Christian who gave surrendered to the P.C culture!

    1. I’m not sure I follow. Care to elaborate?

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