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Catholic Influence on Modern Bible Versions – Concerns from a Former Catholic Turned IFB

Catholic influences on the Bible

Image Source: The following is the transcript of an email exchange from a person writing to express his concerns about an alleged Roman Catholic influence on the modern Bible versions. I’m not sure if his argument holds any credibility because he declined to discuss it, but it does raise some valid concerns. I wish […]

Joe Lusk Deception – ‘Independent’ Deception Revisited

Joe Lusk (AKA JJ Lusk), associate pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church, recently came to the site to comment and attack us for speaking out against the Independent nature of the Independent Fundamental Baptists. Attempts to engage him in discussions failed so the next step is to reply publicly in this format. I don’t really care […]

Do Baptists Make Lousy Christians?

The following is a contribution by: H.A. Parker.  You can find out more information at ************************************************************************************ A tremendous effort to suppress criticism is ongoing fight in the Christian world, specifically for the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist denomination. The reason why this title goes with the Baptist label is primarily because this is the same group that […]

“Broad Stroking” Deception

I recently wrote an article on the number one complaint we receive here at which is that IFB churches are “Independent” of and from other IFB churches and therefore are not a denomination or group of churches.  You can read more about that here and I would recommend doing so before you proceed with […]