The mighty IFB has spoken… It looks like I’m wasting my time.

As I’ve said before, I get many emails from IFBers who want to verbally attack me for this website. I’ve grown accustom to them so I mostly just ignore them. I got one a few days ago though and thought I’d have a little fun. If you have ideas for other means please post them in the comments section below and I will create them. I hope you enjoy.


Subject: Wasted Time

Message Body:
I stumbled across this site and you are wasting your time. The last thing Jesus said before he left was to evangelize the world and reach the lost. Your efforts at straightening people out is a tragic waste of your time and life. Take some gospel tracts and go door to door in your neighborhood and reach lost souls – anything else is wood, hay, and stubble.

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  1. I was raised in a Southern Baptist church and at the age of 15, I accepted my first paid church position–staff pianist. For the last 22+ years, I have served in many Baptist churches across South Carolina, as both Pianist and Worship Leader. Five years ago I accepted the pianist position at a church that is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, but has been infiltrated by IFB “leaders” who are all graduates of Bob Jones University. They were clever and gradually gained control of the church. Every leader from the pastor to the chairman of the deacons to the SS Director are ALL Bob Jones graduates. Recently, the church hired a new music minister who is a graduate of another well known IFB university. At first, he was kind and seemed to really have a heart for ministry and for the people within the church, but it didn’t take long for a darker side to appear. I started seeing glimpses of what seemed like pure evil–the way he spoke to the unpaid volunteers in the choir, as if they were worthless and that he was the ultimate authority, all while overly embracing his title as “Director”. For weeks, I sat by and watched him berate the choir members, as well as the man who had served as our interim leader. Frazzled and upset that the choir wasn’t quite getting a particular part of a song from the Christmas musical, he began lashing out at not only the choir, but also me. He publicly insulted me, questioned my knowledge of music and degraded me in front of the choir. During the closing prayer, I quietly packed my belongings and planned to sneak out before they finished, but assumed that would be perceived as disrespectful and rude, so I waited until they ended. I swiftly and quietly headed for the door when I was shouted out and commanded to return to “discuss” what had happened during practice. When I explained that I was exhausted and hadn’t been home all day, he continued to berate me. I said, “Fine!” and sat with him to discuss the conflict on the song he’d been struggling with. When I questioned why he’d left out entire measures and if he’d like me to modify the song, he accused me of being disrespectful and told me I needed to realize that I was “just the pianist.” As if that weren’t hurtful enough, he accused me of likely being disrespectful to other directors I’d worked with in the past–a completely unfounded allegation for someone with a stellar record of service for over two decades. I got up to leave, being done with the verbal attack, but he angrily grabbed my arm and tried to restrain me. I snatched away from him and left. Five weeks went by with no apology–I was encouraged by those who were “in my corner” to sit it out and let the leadership handle it. Weeks passed and there was no apology and no resolution. Ultimately, I was threatened with church discipline for “disrespecting my superior,” and when I pushed back about him grabbing me and questioned what would happen to him, it was immediately dismissed–“I didn’t see it, so I can’t speak to that.” I had witnesses who were willing to come forward, but it didn’t matter. In the end, they chose him and I walked away. The “bitterness” accusation was there… I’m not bitter. I was assaulted–verbally and physically and then threatened with punishment. I’m deeply hurt. The ministry that my husband and I started was given away to another couple and my husband was kicked out of the FB group (I’d already removed myself as an admin when I resigned). I have been blamed for the whole thing and no one from the church, even those I considered friends, have reached out since we made it clear we weren’t returning. The pastor never apologized, the music MONSTER only sent a generic “I’m sorry I got caught and I’m having to apology for the optics” email in which he cc’d the leadership of the church–“See? I’m apologizing? Are we good now?” I’m sick over it all. My children are too young to understand why we stopped going there after five years… The only folks who are left are the founding family members and the IFB/Bob Jones folks whose children even attend Bob Jones Academy. The only “outreach” that they do is done with the expectation of getting something in return from the community. The Bob Jones graduates are emotionally and mentally immature and they embrace the Separation Doctrine. They are the most unkind, arrogant and childish adults I’ve met in my entire life. In the past two years, they’ve lost dozens of members and when I’d ask about why the people left, my questions were met with avoidance or by the leaders blaming those who left. I am sick to my stomach over the negative thoughts I had about those who left–thoughts that were rooted in the lies I was told about why those members chose to leave. Only after I left did I start to learn why others had decided to leave and my heart is broken over my own arrogance. I have recently started reading some of the books on your suggested list–some I’d already read when I first started suspecting toxic faith and spiritual abuse were present. I have not lost my faith, but I’m processing the deep hurt now and it will be a long time, if ever, before I’m able to trust church leadership at ANY church or to desire to serve in an “official” capacity. IFB is a cult. BJU is a cult. And, if you dare to question anything, you’re just not spiritual enough. I’m done with that way of thinking and I pray that the others still trapped in that abuse can find the courage to stand up to it or, at the very least, walk away.

  2. While I may not wear the title IFB, as I am of the camp that such titles can be overly divisive, my wife and I do currently attend an IFB church. I am unsure where you all have had the terrible experiences that each of you seem to have suffered, but I have experienced NONE of them in the IFB church that I currently call my home church. I guess I just say that to say, any church’s doctrine is only as good as it’s pastor. I think we would all agree that all men (and women) are fallen, sinful beings and capable of error. It is each pastor’s and each individual’s responsibility to know and search the scripture for themselves. Finally, while I appreciate the effort that has gone into this site, it is my personal belief that unity is the more lofty goal among Christians across denominational lines. It is important to recognize, illuminate, and avoid doctrinal error however, the world will know us as disciples of Christ by our love for one another John 13:35. We are all in error about something 🙂

    1. Ah, the old “let’s just have unity” argument. I hate to tell you, but the IFB is an exclusionary denomination. The IFB teaches that they are right and everyone else is wrong. If you believe that there should be unity interdenominationally then you are in the wrong denomination.

      Here’s a test for you… tell your pastor that you think your church should have unity with, oh, let’s just pick one… Presbyterians. See how he responds.

      Also, you said: “any church’s doctrine is only as good as it’s pastor.” I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but doctrine should come from the Bible not a pastor.

  3. So I stumbled upon this site by accident as I am currently working on a blog and also a support group for abused women in the church. I can relate to this so well because it’s very true. Honestly I was in and out of it and I didn’t realize how deeply rooted it was that I am still trying to figure out what the truth is. IFB made me want to walk away completely “If this is what Faith is, then I want nothing to do with it.” Not sure if this site is still updated but I saw a 2018 comment so I’m gonna go with that.

    I also wanted to throw in my favorite snarky comment to use regarding IFB statements. which is:

    “Where did you find that? 2nd Opinions chapter 2” It’s always been hands down favorite of my family.

    1. 2nd Opinions Chapter 2 LOL I like that.

      You aren’t alone, Rose. The IFB has made many people want to walk away and the rest actually have walked away. It’s so sad. And I still get people trying to defend this cult. I’m glad you are breaking free.

  4. I absolutely love this website

    My husband was in the IFB church because his narcissistic mother forced him to go

    It was a horrible experience for him and he is still healing, 6 years later

    He uses this site to help others and show them how horrible the IFB church today is

    I want to thank you for your articles, all scripture based and you do a fantastic job at sticking to facts

    I love your with and humor

    Whatever the bitter people in the IFB church say, you are NOT wasting your time

    Let them have borning missionary sex while wearing floor length skirts and you continue on this amazing job

    God bless


    1. Thank you Christina… that made my day. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

  5. Well, the irony of the Independent Fundamental Baptist’s comments should be quite embarrassing to those who identify under such a label. Perhaps we should invent a doctrinal system called “N.I.V. onlyism?”

  6. I’m thankful for this site. I’m dating a man (catholic) who has been approached by a baptist minister……a very likable one. I’m not 100% sure if it’s IFB, but the first thing he has my friend convinced of is the KJV is the only bible that is the closest to the original version of God’s word. I’m dumbfounded as to why any minister in any faith would make that statement a truth. No man, other then those that wrote the exact words of Jesus, which in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are not even exactly the same. The Holy Spirit worked through them in the way it was meant to get the Word of God to others…….right?
    Steve, keep doing what you are doing to spread truth, whether it be with gospel tracts, internet, prayer cards, bible study(any bible), youth groups, sermons, etc. When lead by the Spirit of God, the truth will always prevail. God bless this ministry!

  7. Hi Steve, thanks for your email which made me laugh; the more I hear about the IFB church, the more I am so glad God rescued us from this deadly cult. One of their most dangerous beliefs is the way they idolise CI SCOFIELD. They put him on a pedestal, and worship him instead of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I recommend that people look at the information of the dangers of CI SCOFIELD. He was an outright heretic, he had no biblical training. He addressed himself with the title Dr. CI SCOFIELD, but nowhere in the records can there be found any proof of his doctorate. He had a wife and children (which he left to fend for themselves). He was an extremely wealthy man with a lot of real estate. He attended the “Lotus Club” where he mixed with presidents and other wealthy people. Despite his wealth, over several years he gave his wife and children $25. He divorced his wife, took up the role of pastor, and remarried two weeks later. He left the KJV for the RV, but realised the KJV was more popular so returned to the KJV. He then did his infamous “CI SCOFIELD NOTES” using the KJV. He was an outright heretic. It is from Scofield that the IFBs got their false doctrines. He also made a fortune from the Scofield notes.
    They do not believe that elders are necessary in a church, which is contradictory to what the Bible commands (another Scofield heresy). The Bible say we should always have elders, plural.
    I could continue and write a book about the heretical IFB movement, but I think I have said enough for now!
    If anyone is thinking of joining the IFB, be warmed, stay away, they can ruin your life and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I thank God for this website, please take note of the many comments, it may save you from joining this heretical movement.

  8. Thank you for doing this site. My husband and I left an IFB a few years back. It is a bloody cult. Not a popular opinion. KJV only, dispensationalist, Jesus Christ returning to earth three times. Not twice. We must not forget the rapture. False Christ, which leads to a false gospel. We’re humbled, and thankful God has called us out of the pseudo-religious system.

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