Introducing the Abusive Randy Ireland

As I’ve stated clearly, multiple times on the website, it’s not my intention to demonize any one particular church or person. In fact, I’ve stated very clearly that I refuse to name the IFB churches that I was a part of because it’s not my goal to call them out specifically or intentionally hurt anyone.

But as I’ve done before, my rule goes out the window when someone contacts me and attacks me unprovoked – especially without reading the website or trying to understand my perspective. The latest perpetrator of that type of abuse is Randy Ireland. Here’s our exchange. As always it will be unaltered and will include some commentary for explanation purposes.

Randy writes:

Subject: Deception


Having been a member of a few Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches I find your attack disgusting and false. 

Lumping all of these Independent churches into a group is unfair as each church have their own guidelines.

Some of my dearest friends are members of these churches, and several are Pastors that I met at Tennessee Temple University.

The deception is in your accusations.

My Reply:

I’ve already answered your objection multiple times on the website.  Did you even read the site before you decided to rebuke me?  You can read more about this here.

and here

Had you actually taken the time to read the website before rebuking me you would have realized that I have already answered your objection to my website.  I guess the answer to perceived “attack” is to counter attack? At least we know you can’t lead by example – thanks anyway.

You may find this hard to believe, but I have nothing against the IFB as a whole, but I doubt you’d actually take the time to listen to my perspective.  You and your ilk seem only interested in defending your idol.  Good luck with that.

Now I’m willing to admit that my initial reply was a bit rough, but as you can clearly see I was a little ticked off at Randy’s blind accusations since he clearly hasn’t even read the website or tried to understand what I’m actually writing about.

Randy writes back:

Why read the whole thing when you attack IFB even in your title?  I read a partial page and was so disgusted that no, I didn’t continue. I understand there are some points at which I disagree with the general IFB position, such as KJV only. Since I studied Koine Greek and prefer to translate passages for myself, I find the NASB as the most accurate translation.

As for “me and my Ilk” I am not a member of IFB church. I am a Southern Baptist! However, as mentioned, I know many of the Pastors of IFB churches and they are not out to deceive anyone!

You are entitled to your opinions, but it’s a shame your perceptions of these churches “deceiving” people is a buzz word that implies intention, and in the cases I know, nothing could be further from the truth.

I would be very careful in attacking IFB as a whole because you are attacking many of God’s people (I understand there are cults that use IFB that are not honest with God’s Word).

Have a great day,

My reply (I wish I had responded to the prideful boasting of his academic accomplishments, but I was still trying to assess his willingness to actually step back and listen to me in the hopes that we could discuss that Bible translations – one of my favorite topics – at some point):

If you actually read the website you’d understand that I’m not attacking anyone or any organization.  

If you’re not interested in reading the website then I’m not interested in having a discussion with you. I’m willing to consider where I might be wrong and if you have a specific objection to something I’ve written then I’m happy to consider new information and reconsider my position, but I don’t tolerate generic condescending, abusive, condemnation and judgment about my character, motives  and/or faith. 

Unless you’re willing to take the time to read what I’ve written and offer a specific objection to something Please don’t contact me again. 

Randy’s Reply:

I don’t tolerate generic condescending, abusive, condemnation and judgment about my character, motives  and/or faith.” = HYPOCRITE!

Discussion over. Your site isn’t worth reading just based on the title and opening page.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black right? But I wanted to stick with my boundaries rather than provoke more condescension so I simply replied:

Apparently you don’t read emails either ????

Not sure what part of “Unless you’re willing to take the time to read what I’ve written and offer a specific objection to something please don’t contact me again” was difficult for you to understand, but let me reiterate…

Don’t contact me again!  I don’t know how to dumb it down more for you. 

Randy had to try and get one last insult in though…

Haha, anyone with more than 1 brain cell can see through you. Just another angry rebel.

Oh, you can stop the conversation by not contacting me again. Bet you cant do it. You need to get the last word in. Insecurity!

My simple reply to finally shut him up…

Stop harassing me – bully!  Leave me alone!

If I had more energy and drive I would have made this more exciting for you all, but I could tell that Randy is the type of person that would rather make a condescending blind judgment (typical Narcissist trait) than empathize and try to understand.

Randy, if you read this, I hope you realize that this could have gone so much differently, had you just taken the time to read the website. I believe we truly could have had such a rich, deep discussion about these very important topics. Oh well. I don’t ever get my expectations too high when dealing with IFBers.

Updated: July 31, 2019 — 8:56 pm


  1. I want to respectfully say that Randy was not abusive or threatening to you. He was a little insulting, but frankly so were you.

    1. Harassment and bullying are common abusive tactics. I’m only defending myself.

  2. Malc Campbell-Scott

    Thanks Steve,
    I think you handled the discussion with Randy Ireland in a very polite, positive way.
    To judge you in such a way without looking into your website is a sign of an angry, unhappy person.
    I love your website, keep up the good work!.
    Malc (an ex-sufferer of IFB)

    1. Thanks for your support Malc! Much appreciated.

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