Denominationalism Defined In One Picture

I must admit that I’m not the most humorous person in the world. In fact I find myself taking life a bit too seriously at times. This revelation has lead me to make an effort at seeing the lighter side of life’s difficulties and challenges.

While I’m still very interested in the philosophical underpinnings of logic and reason and viewing religion and my relationship with Christ with more of a scientific/philosophical lens, I’d like to take time to add some humor and fun to the site. As a result, here is my first post related to the lighter side of things.

It’s been said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. A very creative person made a quick sketch that sums up a major problem with traditional denominationalism and churchianity. It’s very clever and humorous cartoon, yet still conveys the deep message of the dangers of what I write about on this site.

I found this cartoon on and just had to share it. I’m not sure who the credit goes to for the cartoon but the credit on is to “Tom’s Doubts cartoon by Saji“.

It reminds me of the membership classes I had to take when I was in the IFB. It conveys the lunacy of what is taught in churches today, whether overtly stated, as in this cartoon and in IFB churches around the world, or covertly implied through teachings in membership classes and in the pulpit.

The serious nature of denominationalism is portrayed in this cartoon and it gives us a good sense of obvious flawed logic in this line of thinking.


Tom's Doubts #14


  1. Bruce Scheffler

    Okay I cannot stand it any longer, this was Steve’s look at humor as he pointed out he tends to lean on the serious side. So here is my humor (as I tend to lean on the serious side as well):
    God created Adam and then Eve from Adams rib. Sooooo….did they have belly buttons?

    1. HaHa Bruce – LOL. I would say no, but then again maybe???

  2. Pastor nathanael loveless

    Lol. Everyone says that they are not in an ifbc cult when if you are involved in an ifbc cult and it stays true to its seperatists doctrine’s and so forth you are in a cult. Plain and simple. No matter how you can tell how much they so call care about souls. How can you say that you love the one you cant see and then not love the one that you do see. SMH. May God deliver everyone from these kinds of churches.

  3. The more I sit and think about it, this world I guess wants a Church that does not stand up for God and His word! Most people don’t want a BIBLE PREACHING CHURCH!! This day and hour we live in people want a Church that goes for what the world wants. There is a Church in my town where they don’t even pass a tithing plate just so no one would be offended! That’s not what God has to say about it! People don’t want to hear about Hell! Well, the Bible speaks of it and why shouldn’t we care about lost souls going there one day! That’s what it’s all about! SAVING SOULS FROM HELL!!! If it does not break your heart that real people are going to hell one day, then something is wrong especially if you claim to be a Christian!! People don’t wan to hear about it’s WRONG TO BE GAY!!! Come on now!! It is the truth!!!!! Yes, God loves EVERY SOUL IN THIS WORLD! THE PROBLEM IS PEOPLE WANT TO JUST SAY GOD IS LOVE! HE IS LOVE! HE ALSO SAYS THAT IF YOU ARE NOT REBORN AGAIN, YOU WILL ENTER THE GATES OF HELL!!!! PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT!!!!! SOME PEOPLE JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THAT GOD HIMSELF IS GOING TO SEND REAL SOULS TO HELL ONE DAY WHEN HE EVEN SAYS SO!! GOD HOLDS THE KEY TO HELL!!! I WILL SAY IF YOU WANT A WORLDLY CHURCH, THEN DO NOT GO TO A INDEPENDEDNT FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST CHURCH! I have seen some errors on here about the IFB, but I can tell you in a IFB Church, a TRUE BIBLE PREACHING AND BELIEVING ONE, THE WORD OF GOD IS PREACHED AND SOME MAY JUST GET THEIR TOES STEPPED ON AND THEY JUST CAN’T HANDLE THAT! I think that’s the problem in a lot of Churches today. People don’t want to hear the TRUTH! Well, God said it so get mad with Him! That’s why our Pastor tells us don’t take my word for it, go read the Bible and see for yourself what God has to say! Maybe, if people would grab their “dusty Bible” from the shelf and open it and actually read it and study it, you may understand what your Pastor is trying to teach you!! We don’t have many TRUE BIBLE DOCTRINE CHURCHES anymore! I thank God everyday for sending me to my IFB! I have learned and grown so much! LET ME SAY, I AM NOT IN A CULT LIKE SOME SAY ALL IFB CHURCHES ARE! There are bad apples out there and it’s not fair to tear them ALL down! Not trying to be ugly or anything, it’s just since I come across this stuff, it has turned my stomach!

  4. YES GOD CARES ABOUT ALL PEOPLE!! I belong to an IFB Church and I do not see this GARBAGE I see you are talking about!! This person who created this site must have been in a real bad church!! The word was not taught as the Bible says or something! I hate that IFB Churches are being mocked at and portraying as being cults and all!! My IFB Church does not have a lot of the errors I have been reading on this site! I just want to defend my IFB CHURCH IN DOTHAN ALABAMA!!!

  5. This would also work for Catholics if the guy was pointing at the front of the line. I actually had to look at it twice to understand it, because I though it was a Catholic joke.

    Ditto on your comments. God cares about people. A L L people, uh oh I used caps, but’s it was only three, fundy habits die hard I guess. (smiles)

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