Harold Camping’s Rapture Prediction – EPIC FAIL!!!

harold camping judgment day bus

Judgment Bus - Harold Camping

Harold Camping has changed his views of scripture throughout the years, but one thing remains the same – Failed Rapture Predictions. This is the second time Harold Camping has predicted the rapture and the second time it hasn’t occurred.

Harold Camping doesn’t really identify himself as Independent Fundamental Baptist. He used to be a strong Calvinist but has departed from that over the years.

I wanted to post this, however, just as a reminder of the strange and dangerous teachings of modern day religious characters. This should serve as a warning and an example of what to look for in a dangerous religious leader.

I remember listening in secret to Harold Camping’s radio show as a teen. I loved his self confidence and his communication style. It was exact, to the point and devoid of fluff. Something I was craving at the time a guess.

I listened in secret because Harold Camping was considered a heretic in my circle of IFBers for teaching Calvinism. But I always enjoyed listening to his views of the Bible.

This story is so interesting to me now because of the strong similarity in the views of Camping and the IFB. Authoritarian, closed minded and abusive (IMHO). Just think of all the non-believers out there laughing hysterically because of another “wack job” or “religious nut case” has failed at predicting the apocalypse. Another “Christian” with a huge voice and power in the Christian community has represented Christianity as doom and gloom.

My IFB circles dismiss Camping’s predictions as just silly because of the verse that states no one know the hour of the rapture (Matthew 24:36). But they also hand wave it as not that big of a deal because the end is near anyway. They tell me all the time that we are “in the last days”. This is just a s silly to me because people have been saying that we are “in the last days” for 2000 years. Besides, you can’t get much more vague than “we are in the last days”.

Anyway, I’m rambling now, but I wanted to try and be another voice that speaks out against people like Camping that trade truth for delusions.

Here’s the sad thing. Apparently people spend significant amounts of money advertising the rapture.  From the Yahoo article on May 23, 2011 “Robert Fitzpatrick, who spent $140,000 of his life savings to advertise the rapture in New York, said he was dumbfounded when life went on as usual Saturday.” Many people are left with nothing after giving up everything because they thought the rapture was going to happen.  This is nothing short of abuse and Harold Camping should be brought to justice.  I say he should be made to repay those who paid for advertising for this crooked fraud.

An unsuspecting victim of Camping’s abusive scriptural teachings reported “…we still believe the Bible.”  Unfortunately this poor deceived soul doesn’t realize that they weren’t “believing the Bible” to begin with.  They were believing the religion of Harold Camping and his INTERPRETATION of scripture.  Sad.

Can you say Con Artist…  http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Doomsday-believer-donates-cnnm-2627911146.html


May 24, 2011 – Lets see if Camping can go 0-3.  He is now predicting an October 21, 2011 rapture.  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110524/ap_on_re_us/us_apocalypse_saturday


  1. I remember the days before that “dreaded” date, a lot of my friends were telling me if I am prepared for that day to pass that everything will end. I said I don’t really pay attention to it, I am more concerned on the the 15th of the month because Maroon 5 is going to perform in our city and I have a ticket for it! Hehehhee……

    Truth of the matter is, if anyone predicted the exact date, I can be sure he is a phony. Come on, if Jesus himself does not know the date…

  2. There’s a huge difference between expressing an opinion about the progress of world events and doing what Camping did. 21 years ago, I said something similiar with respect to ‘the next 10 years’. I think I was dumber then, but I don’t think anybody thought I was claiming to have particular insight.

  3. The problem with Harold Camping’s end of world prophecy is not that his math or he got the date wrong: It’s his method of interpretation. If he had used the Grammatical-historical method of interpretation, he would not have set any date. In contrasts with the Grammatical-historical method of interpretation, which first determines a passages meaning by reference to its language, context, and background. The Allegorical interpretation of scripture ignores the grammar and original context of the Scriptures. The entire body of teaching that Harold Camping has presented on his radio programs are based in his flawed understanding of the Bible, born out of a vain imagination, and the use of the Allegorical method of interpretation.

  4. While I do agree that some IFB pastors do use the rapture as a scare tactic, I fully believe, and am convinced that Jesus Christ is coming back and it is good to discuss, preach and study about it.

    Another note, over the w/end I heard on the radio that Camping has made over 100 million on this false rapture teaching since 2007, don’t know how legit that is, but was supposed to have been verified by his tax returns, if anyone has any more info about this please post, also anyone heard what Camping and his followers have to say for themselves over this epic fail?

  5. So last week I heard an IFB preacher ridicule Camping as being “nuts” and quoting Matthew 24:36. Rewind to January of this year (well before Camping made National headlines) and the same IFB preacher said that he felt that 2011 would be the year the Lord came back. Well if not this year then within 5 years.
    How is that any different than Camping? “The last days” stuff is just another scare tactic that IFBers use to keep the congregation in-line. Making sure they are being faithful, especially with that tithing part.

  6. Interesting article Steve. I don’t know if were “in the last days” now and I don’t know when the “last days” will be. I’m kind of hoping though that were “in the last days” now because I want to go home and be with the Lord. I really don’t like living in this world. I’m so glad my Best Friend’s Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36).

    The Lord loves us all,

    A brother in Christ

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